‘s “Bounty Creator” plan officially launched! Write, Publish & Earn!

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In order to further optimize users' experience through sharing and science exchanges, launched the "Bounty Creator" program. We sincerely invite users with ideas, talent, and enthusiasm for the crypto space to submit. There is no limit to the type of submitted work. Submissions can be made across various mainstream social platforms. High-quality creators have the opportunity to get rich rewards from and become columnists.

Users will have the opportunity to win prizes once they submit their work. We will randomly select 20 lucky fellows from the users who submit their works every week to give them a participation prize of $5-10 equivalent, including tokens, bonuses, points, etc; Every time you complete a selected column, you will have a chance to get $50~200 random tokens in rewards. In addition, if committed to contributing to the creation for a long time, you can get a Crypto Expo presence, goods, random tokens, and other lucrative rewards.

Join us now, and will give you a bigger stage!

Twitter event:

Application form for participation:
Official submission email:

Submission Procedure
1. Select [Submission Topic] and create content
2. Publish your creations to the specified [submission platform] publicly based on the specified format
3. Fill out the submission form

According to short posts, long articles and videos, the submission platforms are divided into three categories, including 7 platforms in the stack for submission. Once you write and submit, Gate will pay!

Submission Format

Gate Post Space
Submit with topic hashtag #BountyCreator# and directly publish posts on your account.

Submit with topic hashtag #GateioBountyCreator and @official account, and directly publish posts on personal accounts.

Title/Sub-title with hashtag #GateioBountyCreator and @official account for video creation. Users post directly and publicly on their personal accounts.

Official email
Email title: [Bounty Creator] article title
Put the main text into the email or Google online document

For more information:

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