Announcement on Completing BTT New Token Replacement

블록스트리트 등록 2022-11-21 11:04 수정 2022-11-21 11:37

Dear BigONE user,

BigONE has converted the old BTT tokens into new BTT tokens according to the conversion ratio of 1 BTT (old token) = 1,000 BTT (new token). Please check in your account. BigONE has delisted BTT related trading pairs, please withdraw your assets in time. In addition, for other tokens that have been delisted and have no trading pairs on BigONE, please withdraw them in time.

According to the platform rules, after the trading pair is delisted, BigONE will provide the withdrawal service of the relevant assets for 3 months, and will no longer support it after 3 months. Please withdraw in time within 3 months after the delisting.

Your assets are extremely safe in BigOne. You can deposit and trade normally as there are no delisted tokens that are being traded on BigONE.

BigONE, more than just asset security.

BigONE Team
21 November 2022